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Chrome plated griddle for tabletop electric griddle China products online

  • Product Item:WG360D
  • Category:grill & griddle
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  • #201 stainless steel
  • Chrome griddle plate 12mm
  • tabletop electric griddle
  • #201 stainless steel
  • Product Manual:This chrome plated griddle with good features and best pancake griddle size that is high efficiency one small electric griddle with luxury style, for its all flat mirror griddle plate 12mm thickness t

This chrome plated griddle  can be used as the indoor griddle or outside griddle, WG Series of Electric Griddle/Grill is the new electrothermal product which is designed and developed with advanced technology. It adopts the international popular style, body made of good quality stainless steel, luxurious and good-looking. The products are equipped with good quality electrical elements so that they are energy-saving and safety. Be provided with thermostat function, easy control. WG Series of mini griddle is with comprehensive functions and high quality, therefore, it is the best choice for the snack, bar, restaurant or hotel equipment etc.

  • Thick iron plate for high heat retention. Heat uniform.
  • Thermostat controller can up to 300°C
  • Stainless steel splash guard around three sides. Easy clean surface.
  • Oil collector drawer for convenience
  • Large output capacity, high efficient, energy-saving and useful.
  • One temperature switches
  • Adjustable temperature between 50~300C, this can satisfy different kinds of frying
  • All strong stainless steel body for long life-span and easy cleaning.

1. The chrome plated griddle very handy in cooking foods stating from vegetable items to meat. The griddles can also serve in making soups and warming purpose. this chromed hot plate with bright surface and smooth feature.
2. The tabletop electric griddle can be used in a number of applications; you can use the griddle as sauté pan or a frying pan, or somehow a heated pan.



Plate: all flat;Thickness of Plate:12mm;

Material:201stainless steel;



Plate: mirror;Thickness of Plate:12mm;

Material:201stainless steel;

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