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Square waffle maker with removable plates Single head waffle maker

  • Product Item:WB-1R
  • Category:Waffle maker
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  • 201# Stainless steel gauge 0.8
  • Square waffle plate
  • Non stick teflon plate
  • 201# Stainless steel gauge 0.8
  • Product Manual:Square waffle maker with removable plates Belgian waffle maker to enjoy during weekend brunches, for delicious desserts or even as a snack.

The 220-watt waffle maker’s advanced heating technology ensures consistent baking and browning, while its steam-release system prevents condensation from building-up so you can enjoy waffles bake to perfection: delicately crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. with easy-to-cut sections, and have extra-deep pockets for capturing jam, sugar, chocolate, fresh fruits, and other favorite toppings.Then simply pour in the batter, close the lid, and turn the knob to adjust the temperature. The green indicator light, switch off the red bottom when the waffles have finished baking. This waffle maker is also easy to clean thanks to its non-stick cooking surface. Housed in polished stainless steel with a branded die-cast handle, this strong waffle maker ensures long-lasting performance while beautifully complementing #201 stainless-steel cookware for a cohesively stunning collection.


Voltage:220/50Hz, Power: 2.0kw        


Temperature controller:50~300℃

Dimension: 440x305x225mm

Carton: 470x350x320mm


Voltage:220/50Hz, Power:2+2kw                


Temperature controller:50~300℃

Dimension: 630x420x225mm

Carton: 680x470x320mm

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