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Quartz heating element toaster oven

  • Product Item:MHQ-160
  • Category:Quartz Oven
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  • #201 stainless steel
  • Mirror surface
  • 2 infrared quart heating tubes
  • #201 stainless steel
  • Product Manual:MHQ-160 290 Quartz heating element toaster oven is a new-style electrothermal product which is developed by world-advanced technology. It is designed by international fashionable style whose main body

MHQ-160 290 Quartz heating element toaster oven adopts fine-quality electrical elements, so that it can be energy-saving, safety, easy-operating. Besides, we can say that it will be the best choose for hotels, pubs, western restaurants, even snack bars by its completed functions and excellent quality.

. Non-toxic food grade high quality stainless steel mirror surface.

.Luxury control knobs with silk-printing technic.

.Infrared heating tubes.

.Toaster oven quartz elements.

.Precise temperature and timing control.

.Over-heat protection device.



430stainless steel;Mirror design;

gap between 2 plate90mm,

inner length360mm;

Size: 500x380x280mm;

Carton: 550x310x430mm;



Material:430stainless steel;

Size: 500x300x280mm;

Carton: 550x310x350mm;

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