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Gas Deep Fryer for Professional deep fat fryer with Deep fryer cost

  • Product Item:HZH-TRC-3
  • Category:Deep Fryer
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  • #201 stainless steel
  • With draining tap
  • Unity oil tank and fryer body
  • #201 stainless steel
  • Product Manual:This is a luxury gas deep fryer with commercial counter top fryer style for stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturing in China.

This kitchen fryer is gas source fryer like chip fryers or commercial fish fryer, is made of #201 Stainless Steel metal. This kind of fryer is CE certificated with the 710 SIT valve imported from Italy. Ensure the catering kitchen equipment standard.


Commercial gas deep fryer Luxury deep fryer HZH-TRC-3

Over-heat temperature protection device.

Efficient SS burners, Warm rapidly.

Gas model set for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), 2800pa. Can be customized to natural gas (1800-2500pa)

Heating-element can be lifted up for easy cleaning.

Thermostat control up to 200oC and provides quick response to temperature change.

Temperature limit safety device prevents overheating: manual reset.


heat output: 3.1kW;Material:201stainless steel;Valve import from Italy;Capacity:10L

heat output: 3.1+3.1kW;Material:201stainless steel;valve import from Italy;Capacity:10+10L

heat output: 6.2kW;Material:201stainless steel;valve import from Italy;Capacity:20.8L

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