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Gas shawarma burner for Shawarmer saudi or Shawarma israel

  • Product Item:HPG-4
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  • #430 stainless steel
  • Even and fast heat
  • SS oil box and scoop
  • #430 stainless steel
  • Product Manual:This gas shawarma burner is very ideal for the delicious Mediterranean food, and our Shawarma cooker is an excellent choice because of both performance and design.

Our Shawarma saudi or shawarma israel is a kind of the gas shawarma burner buy direct from shawarma factory. in order to keep everything running smoothly and maintain the functionality of the unit, the motor is at the base. In that way, it is protected from all heat sources. Regarding those heat sources, there are double burners each with individual control, and flame adjustments and stainless steel plates.

1, #430 stainless steel.

2, Screen Iron heating net provides fast and even heat.

3, Flame out device for safety uses.

4,  SS drawer for oil collection and SS scoop easy clean.

5, Simple and luxury design, economic model.


Voltage:220-240V; Thermal power : 6kW;

speed: 2.5r/min;Material:430stainless steel;

Gas:Liquid Gas / Nature Gas

Product size: 615x665x660mm;

Carton size: 775x655x790mm.


Voltage:220-240V; Thermal power : 9kW;

speed: 2.5r/min;Material:430stainless steel;

Gas:Liquid Gas / Nature Gas

Product size: 615x665x833mm;

Carton size: 775x655x963mm.


Voltage:220-240V; Thermal power :12kW;

speed: 2.5r/min;

Material:430stainless steel;

Gas:Liquid Gas / Nature Gas

cannot apply CE

Product size: 615x665x1006mm;

Carton size: 685x730x1150mm.

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