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Commercial Griddles, Flat Top Grills & Broilers 4 burners and 10

  • Product Item:HGT25-S45
  • Category:Combination Griddle
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  • #201stainless steel
  • 4 burners
  • Gas supplier
  • #201stainless steel
  • Product Manual:This 4 burners and 10"Griddle Counter top Combos is made of good quality #201 stainless steel. 4 burners grill gas char broiler for BBQ with lava rock grill, 10" griddle good for the panini, steak, h

This combination charbroiler griddle is new product in Hird. that's a hot sale model for its multi-function so ideal and it is smart choice for customers.

Heavy duty cast iron trivets
Easy to clean fat spillage tray SS material

Heavy duty cast iron cooking J grates (CBR section)

4 burners char broiler and 10" griddle

Good quality and solid work. seeing is believing.


Grill net size:545x150mm

Griddle plate size:246x516mm


Power:8+2kW, Liquid Gas

Material:201stainless steel


Gas:LPG                                  Material:430#0.8

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